Call For Papers



The specific topics that will be covered include (but are not limited to) the following:

·new theoretical developments, numerical simulations, and laboratory measurements of light scattering by nonspherical and morphologically complex particles and particle groups

·detection and characterization of atmospheric particulates using laboratory, in situ, and remote sensing techniques

·scattering of light by terrestrial aerosols and clouds

·scattering of light by oceanic particulates

·scattering of light by solar system objects, exoplanets, and exoplanetary environments

·scattering of light by various astrophysical objects

·applications of light scattering methods in biology and biomedicine

·light scattering in densely packed particulate media

·near-field and coherent effects in light scattering, optical trapping, and manipulation

·light scattering methods to control material properties and technological applications

Abstract submission

Please e-mail your abstract by March 15, 2019 to Michael Mishchenko at . Please use the following Word Template (right-click on the words "Word template" and use the "Save Link As..." option).